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Die Rundreise führt uns nach Fremont, das sich angeblich selbst das ›Center of the Universe‹ nennt. An der 35th steht diese Skulptur Lenins von Emil Vontov, »erected in Slovakia in the very twilight of the Communist era (...). He was torn down by angry counter revolutionaries in 1989. Issaquah native Lewis Carpenter found Lenin lying face down in a puddle. Carpenter bought the statue (real cheap, rumor has it) and brought it back to Seattle. Then, in 1994, Carpenter passed away, leaving the statue to an uncertain fate. After briefly presiding over the grass-roots capitalism of Fremont's Sunday Flea Market, Lenin was taken out on his back when flooding caused serious erosion under the pavement supporting his immense weight (the weight of history, no doubt). Now Lenin has found a new home at the Little Village, a post-industrial development located in a former garage on N. 35th Street, with a new concrete pedestal firmly underfoot« (Quelle).